LOGOS II. Simply manage your church.


Check Deposit and Contribution Posting

LOGOS II is integrated with Express Funds so that a single scan will deposit and post donor checks. Time studies conducted show that you can process your checks (deposit and donor contribution posting) 7.4 times faster using LOGOS integrated Express Funds when compare to bank provided (non-integrated) remote deposit solutions.

Core Features and Functions

  • High speed batch scanning and posting in a single step
  • Scan automatically finds your contributor for posting in Logos
  • Easy check image retrieval from encrypted archive

"We are very pleased that we selected Express Funds for our check management.  Having an integrated solution that dramatically reduces the time required to prepare and reconcile a deposit while archiving images for easy retrieval has been invaluable.  I'd never go back to a manual process."

-Jon Cecrle
Office Manager, Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship