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Mail Manager

LOGOS Mail Manager simplifies your mass mailing procedures. It easily CASS Certifies your addresses, presorts your mailings to the Postal Service's most efficient sequence possible, automates the preparation of your mailing so you qualify for the lowest postal rates available, and avoids the "non-machinable" surcharge for all certified addresses.

Mail Manager produces the new Intelligent Mail Barcodes required by the USPS by January 27, 2013 (for most organizations).

Core Features and Functions

  • Avoids "non-machinable" surcharge for all certified addresses
  • Prints the forms you need to submit to the Post Office
  • Move Update (National Change of Address) Requirements for All Standard Mail
  • Delivery Point Validation Improves Deliverability

Mail Manager saves you both time and money. Some churches and donor organizations quickly save more money than the cost of the actual software.

"I just want you to know that I love the Logos system and I love your tech support people.  Especially Carol.  She helped me so much and was always kind, patient and a pleasure to deal with."  

-Tempi Briggs
Grace Community Church, Corsicana, TX