A one-stop staff and volunteer management system, allowing you to track them from beginning to end; from filling out their application, through submitting background checks, screenings, and other essentials, through to retirement.

Core Features and Functions

  • Web-based "dashboard," administrators at different locations can get real-time information.
  • Controlled access to sensitive information, allowing persons to see only the levels for which they are authorized.
  • Automated alerts for tasks needing attention
  • Customizable for your organization-specific requirements

When an employee or volunteer steps into a position with your organization, PeopleFlow links to a major background screening service to keep track of each screening's status. At the same time, you are automatically building an organized data record of employment and/or volunteer history of your people.

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"PeopleFlow as our HR/ Screening System is awesome! I love that it's available online and can be suited to our specific needs. The LOGOS team has been especially helpful with training and showing us how to adapt it to fit us."

Bethany Cordes,
Executive Assistant/ HR
Sandals Church, Riverside, CA