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Installed vs. Hosted Solutions

Having trouble determining whether or not an installed or hosted solution is the best fit for you? LOGOS offers both. Take a look at the benefits of each to help guide you in the decision making process.

Benefits of a Hosted Solution:

  • Inexpensive way to start with all the LOGOS features
  • Convenience for volunteers and staff to work from home
  • No need to staff an IT department or to enlist consultants or volunteers to help with technical issues
  • Automatic data backups and updates and at no extra cost
  • Package includes ongoing Support
  • Because LOGOS runs over the Internet, Macs can be used without setting up Boot Camp or Virtual PC
  • Data maintained on secure servers with state-of-the-art security


Benefits of an Installed Solution

  • Existing server, network and IT department is in place; technical concerns are not an issue
  • No concerns over Internet performance issues
  • No concerns over Internet security issues
  • Organization controls the system and owns the software
  • Local data storage
  • Staff familiarity with software installations in offices