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LOGOS' ConnectNow Accounting vs. Quickbooks

Check out a thorough comparison of ConnectNow Accounting Ledgers & Payables vs. Quickbooks below! Or check out a table that highlights some key differences here.


Easy to Use

Track multiple designated (restricted) funds can be cumbersome and time-consuming in off-the-shelf accounting programs that are not designed for proper non-profit accounting and reporting



With the automated handing of all fund activity, income, expense, and transfers between funds—you are able to eliminate the extensive manual effort required in software like Quickbooks to track activity for multiple funds.





Credibility is paramount to a non-profit organization beause the money is managed "in trust" for the organization's donors. Off-the-shelf software works well for managing your own money in a small business, but not when managing a non-profit organization's money.



Transactions are permanently stored in ConnectNow Church Accounting, showing books are managed properly. Unlike Quickbooks, there is no ability to alter or delete entries after the fact with no audit trail.