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Fixed Assets

The assets your organization owns are substantial investments. Whether your organization is large or small, tracking and accountability of those assets is an important job. ConnectNow's Fixed Assets module lets you keep tabs on buildings, land, vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more, so you'll always have accurate, detailed records.





Reduce Risk
and Costs 

Improve Trust of Stakeholders

    With better overall management of assets, leaders can see a more complete financial picture of what you own and what it's worth.
  Visibility into what you own lets you protect your assets with proper insurance and maintenance and manage equipment life cycles with solid information.   The clear picture Fixed Assets provides allows for better accountability to donors, governing boards, finance councils, and others.



Automated Backups and Updates

Automated Backups 
& Updates

    Fixed assets houses a unique record for each individually owned asset. Track who has the asset, warranty info, insurance, cost, optional depreciation, and more.   Optional straight-line depreciation is built right into the product. Your organization can choose to use this functionality if you wish to track asset depreciation.   Daily backups ensure your financials are secure. Regular, automated updates ensure your staff always has the most current software tools and tax tables.


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More Notable Features 

  Support Team

Support Team

Smart Permission Settings

Smart Permission

    Support comes with your subscription. This includes 24/7 access to tutorials and videos.   Robust permissions allow staff/volunteers to only see content/ perform tasks specific to their roles.  



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