Secure, web-based  accounting.


Ledger & Payables

Designed for the special needs of churches and schools, ConnectNow Ledger and Payables connects staff to their accounting records online—securely—from any computer with an internet connection. You’ll always have access to real-time financial records. Just log in for the information and reports you need. Anytime, anywhere.


  Multiple Web Devices

Multiple Web



Stress-Less Bank Reconciliations

Stress-Less Bank

    From the office to the local coffee shop to home, ConnectNow Accounting is supported on mobile devices with an Internet connection.   Staff can see job-specific real-time reports like department budgets and statements by fund or project for any period.   Simple bank reconciliations—even with primary/subsidiary bank accounts. Single click processing saves you time and headaches.
  Oversight and Audit Tools

Oversight, Support
& Audit Tools 

Transparency for Donors

Transparency for

Automated Backups and Updates

Automated Backups 
& Updates

    The system provides built-in controls to protect funds, govern access, and support standard accounting practices, like closed periods and audit trails.   Transparent stewardship of financial gifts with ministry-based cost centers, dedicated accounts, and reporting that shows donors exactly how church money is being used.   Daily backups ensure your financials are secure. Regular, automated updates ensure your staff always have the most current software tools and tax tables.

Flexible Account

Scalable System

Scalable System
Grows with You 

    Provides flexible account structure for a customized chart of accounts. Track an unlimited number of funds and special projects.   Unlimited number of users for no additional cost. Each user has a unique, secure login with job-specific authorization levels.  

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More Notable Features 

  Support Team

Support Team

Smart Permission Settings

Smart Permission

Extensive Video
Help Library 

    Support comes with your subscription. This includes 24/7 access to tutorials and videos.   Robust permissions allow staff/volunteers to only see content/ perform tasks specific to their roles.   An extensive video library of tutorials is available 24/7 to help you and walk you through processes.

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Accounts Receivable

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Manage payroll, deductions, benefits, and personal time with confidence. Timesaving features make fast work of checks and automatic deposits.

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  Ledger Report Writer

Ledger Report Writer

 Fixed Assets


Ledger Report Writer lets you create custom consolidated or organization-level statements of activity and financial position from your general ledger.


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