Let no one go unnoticed.


Attendance & Child Check-In
Included with LOGOS II 



Safety and Security

  • Automatic security claim check printed for parent/guardian
  • Random security code generated for parent/child matching
  • Emergency contact phone (or parent-pager ID) tracked in system
  • Allergies directly printed on labels
  • Print additional labels to positively match students/parents with additional bags


Ministry to Children, Youth, and Adults

  • Photo membership ID cards for quick attendance/family check-in
  • Printed name tags for class attendees as they enter
  • Announcement screen for parents and participants
  • Clearly labeled name tags to build teacher/student relationship




Check-In Screen 

  • Use as a touch interface with the proper hardware
  • Post announcements on check-in screen for parents or volunteers
  • A member moved? Update member information directly from check-in screen
  • Seamlessly works with Dymo Printer to print tags

Class Promotions

  • Promote some or all children to the next grade level
  • Promote children anytime throughout the year
  • Promote groups one by one or in a series of groups
  • Use for mid-week studies and home groups too

Use Your Information 

  • Communicate with leaders of a class or group
  • Share lists and rosters in useful formats
  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other milestones
  • Create an unlimited number of groups, classes, events, retreats, dinners, etc.
  • Watch attendance trends for people and groups to follow up on absences before people disengage completely