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Contribution Management
Included with LOGOS II 



How important is money handling? With more than 2,000 verses in the Bible mentioning money—it's pretty important! Accurately tracking your donors' giving is crucial to understanding the financial health of your church and gives you insight into the heart of your members and attendees.


Donors benefit from Contributions!  Donors Benefit from...

  • Receiving end of year giving reports for easy reference for tax records
  • Understanding exactly where they are compared to their pledge or pledges
  • Designating their giving to various ministries and memorials
  • Using Online Giving to more closely connect their direct deposit pay with their first fruit offerings to the church

Offering counters benefit from Contributions!  Offering Counters Benefit from...

  • Entering offerings directly into the software for better accuracy
  • Saving time by not having to write down donation information to hand off to the finance officer
  • Entering new donors without leaving the donation area of the program


Finance Officers benefit from Contributions!  Financial Officers Benefit from...

  • Easily reviewing and posting the counters' entries
  • Quickly sending reports to various ministries showing how much was entrusted to their ministry
  • Easily setting up and tracking multiple pledges. (Funds can have their own date range and target amounts, and multiple campaigns can run at the same time.)
  • Assigning and reassigning giving envelope numbers with ease and accuracy
  • Safely and quickly emailing end-of-year statements to donors to save time and money

Bookkeepers benefit from contributions!  The Bookkeeper Benefits from...

  • Choosing how the donation total is entered into the software (automatically when posted to the donors, manually through easy deposit entries, or partially automatic through importing a file)
  • Easily sending complete fund reports or recording income to ministry leaders
  • Setting up Online Giving to offer greater opportunities for giving
  • Eliminating double-data entry of gifts when Contributions syncs with Online Giving

  The contributions module of LOGOS II was built to meet the distinct needs of churches. The contributions module offers an unlimited number of funds, sub-funds, and users, and multiple other customizable options, making this the go-to system for your church's unique pledge drives, fundraising campaigns, multiple campuses, etc.