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LOGOS II Features

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   Attendance & Child Check-in  

Increase Ministry with Groups

      Create an unlimited number of groups:
    Faith Development, Bible Study,
    Sunday School, Fellowship Groups, etc.
Track enrollment counts
Report on enrollment demographics
Track individual or group attendance history
End-of-year guidance—"Secretary's Assistant" 
Track date of enrollment/last date attended
Track multiple sessions at once
Set a maximum enrollment for a group
Track group leader and group host details
Remove attendance history
Deactivate or delete groups


Convenient Check-In Options

      Rapid barcode check-in via roster or key tag
Automatic name tags at check-in
Automatic security "Claim Check"
Easily enroll new individuals
Post announcements on check-in screen
Check-In via search options on entry screen
Convenient bulk enrollment/removal
Update member info from the check-in screen
Customizable options on check-in screen
Print weekly, monthly, quarterly roster lists

Label Options for Security

      Generate random security code for parent/child     matching
Edit name tags to include/hide key information
Edit/print parent receipts
Allergies printed onto name tag
Print class list with parent info
Announcements posted on specific family/child     records
Different name tags/receipts for each class
Print/edit teacher name tags
Restrict attendance to specific groups
Printable sign-in/check-out sheets

Group Promotion Options

      Set-up all groups/grades for promotion
Promote all or some members in a group
Promote groups one by one or series of groups
Promote all throughout the year

Attendance Reporting
Including but not limited to... 

      Real-time attendance dashboard for admins
Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly statistics
Master group list
Most host/leader list
Compare current/prior year of attendance
Minimum attendance report
Report of teachers/volunteers
Show inactive individuals only 
Search options help to filter reports
Customizable date range statistics
Promotion group list
Master room list
Compare past years for one specific group
Visitor attendance report
List of new enrollees

   Manage Contributions  

Multiple Quick Entry Methods

      Work in multiple batches at one time
Barcode envelope reader for fastest entry
Simultaneously posts to LOGOS Accounting
Rapid entry by envelope #
Accurate lookup by check scanner
Option to mark attended when contribution     received

Manage Donations

      Easily assign new envelope numbers
Transfer donor history
Keep or remove the prior year's history
Statements, letters, and receipt templates for         donors 
Verify envelope numbers are unique
Allow donations from individual or family
Email contribution statements to donors

Manage Funds

      Unlimited number of funds and sub-funds
Ability to deactivate/reactivate funds
Changes of fund # updates history
Apply GL account # for automatic posting
Allow for regular or non-deductible fund types
Automatic or manual fund # assisgnments
Links to Online Giving
Import/Export options for managing funds

Contributions Reporting

      Option to print or hide donor name on reports
Chart output options
Search options help to filter reports
Search available envelope numbers
Donor report by fund
Monthly giving report
Date of last contribution
Non-deductible transactions by date
Statistical analysis reports
Cash flow projection report 
Option to print or hide pledge info on reports
Export to txt, csv, xls, pdf, etc.
Customizable date range statistics
Complete funds list
Report by transaction date
Donor master list
Number of times a donor has given
Non-deductible income report
Pledge reports
Filter by inactive donors                         
   Manage Pledges  

Manage Pledges Fundraising Campaigns

      Designate an unlimited number of pledge funds
Create multi-year pledges
Quick-look pledge summary screen
Edit pledges
Automatically calculates total pledge
Print pledge installment coupons for donors
Thank donors (or other comment) on summary 
Create start/ending pledge dates
Set your pledge goals
Enter contributions for installment periods
Enter contributions for the total pledge
Options for including initial deposit
Pledge reminder mailings
   Individual & Family Profiles  

General Profile Options

      Security controls for every aspect of profile
Searchable grid that can be filtered
Track individual and family details
Track sacraments/special dates/events
Notification emails when a contact assigned
Note health status

Save custom searches for future reference
Multiple phone/email/address fields
Track communication with members
Unlimited committee participation tracking
Track unlimited services and comments
Emergency contact, education, ethnicity


Individual vs. Family Record

      Unlimited number of profiles
Move an individual to a new family record
Set notification emails when changes made
Track communication preferences
Link to online map from address field
Change individual relationships within a family
Individual and family profile photos
Send texts through system
Set-up announcements on profiles


Highly Flexible and Customizable

      Retitle any field for your church's needs
Customize the "Quick Entry" form
Define city codes to speed up data entry
Pre-defined field title options for major denominations
Editable system reports

Profile Reporting

      Notifications for birthdays/anniversaries/events
List of members in hospital
List of contacts needing to be made
Supports Avery forms 
Output to txt, csv, xls, pdf. etc.
Contact assignment sheets
List of members who are homebound
Multiple customization options for each report

   Skills & Talents Tracking  

General Options in Profiles

      Completely customizable field names
Track occupation
Track music groups/choirs/etc. 
Unlimited number of skills applied to a profile
Track hobbies
Spiritual gift tracking
   Small Group Management  

Tracking and Communication

      Track a group's growth over time
Track when it's time to split a group
Print rosters 
Email group leaders and hosts
Track attendance