Ministry Connection

The new Ministry Connection program provides major enhancements to the Online Giving application. These pages provide information for customers upgrading to this new solution from the Old Ministry Connection program.

Download a complete pdf version of the release notes which contain a plethora of resources to help you set-up, customize, and manage your account. 
Download the Should We Upgrade? guide to view the major differences between the old and new Ministry Connection products.

OR check out some of the content and video tutorials linked on the right. Here's some information regarding each one:

  • What's New - Details on all changes and updates in LOGOS Connect and Online Giving.
  • Tutorial Videos - Training videos teaching elements like "How to Create a New Login."
  • How to: Upgrade - Shows the required steps for upgrading to the new version of Ministry Connection.
  • How to: Sync - Shows changes and improvements made to the data synchronization process.
  • How to: Deployment & Communication - This offers suggestions for maximizing the opportunity for a successful implementation in your organization, and also contains a communication strategy.
  • FAQ's - Questions and answers to common and important questions


One-time Setup Cost: $200
Annual Maintenance: $250