Training with LOGOS


Virtual Classroom Course Descriptions 


LOGOS II Virtual Classroom

Intro 1: Getting Started (1 hour class) - $75 per attendee

  • This session walks through essential procedures in using Logos II Church/Donor Management. You will learn system overview and navigation tips, defining preferences, locating records, adding new records, and essential maintenance.

Intro 2: People Data (1 hour class) - $75 per attendee

  • Learn how to navigate through people data. You will explore importing data, setting options, defining skills (talents/ministries), maintaining combo boxes/customizing field titles, add-ons setup, additional member data, and the basics of printing reports


ConnectNow Accounting Virtual Classroom

Ledger & Payables (3 hours + 30 min. break) - $150 per attendee

  • Web-based demonstration session covers initial startup activities and basics of transaction entry and reporting. Topics include chart of accounts code setup and account entry, beginning balance entry, vendor entry, bill and check processing, other transaction entry, transaction reports, financial statements. Also, user creation, permissions and other topics.

Payroll (1.5 hours) - $100 per attendee

  • Web-based demonstration session covers initial setup, employee entry, and Payroll processing. Topics include Pay Items, Paygroups, Deductions and Benefits, Account Distributions, Employee entry for lay staff and clergy, Payroll process steps, summary and detailed payroll reports.